Algeria opens its Economy to foreign investors – July, 5 2020

Algeria is moving! Algeria has just amended its foreign investment legislation, limiting the controversial rule 51/49 to resale without local added value and to strategic sectors.The supplementary financial law published on 4 June is a decisive first step in attracting FDI (foreign direct investment) and the sign of an expected opening of the Algerian economy. Obviously, much remains to be done to improve the business climate. Other normative texts are foreseen to change the image of Algeria and make the country more attractive.


Why Algeria ?

Because it is a continent country at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, it is a promising market capable of offering a series of commercial opportunities. The challenge for the country is relatively simple :

  • finally build a diversified economy that no longer depends on fluctuations in oil prices.
  • successfully complete its energy transition by launching a vast program of energy infrastructures that operates on renewable energy while offering decent work and living conditions for its predominantly young population.

Algeria imports practically everything! The time has come for the country to undertake activities of production of goods and services that generate added value both in her internal market and in export countries. Therefore, it needs thousands of small and medium-sized, innovative and competitive companies, and can do so only with the collaboration of foreign companies ready to invest in Algeria in a sustainable way, transfer their know-how and train skills locally.


Our consultancy company KBB Advisory, with an ecosystem of multidisciplinary international and Algerian experts, actively participates in this relaunch in a proactive and responsible way :   We create bridges between foreign companies, aiming to establish themselves in Algeria, and Algerian partners with the obsession of creating sustainable wealth in a win-win perspective by smoothing out cultural differences!   KBB Advisory's mission is to support businesses, from the initial idea to the actual implementation of the project and ensure the success of their implementation. Take this historic opportunity, we are at your disposal to discuss it together!